Prince's Laws

While the Garou were fighting to save Gaia, the more influential Kindred had their own issues to contend with. In the mid-1940s, Siegfried took the reins ofpower and declared himself prince of the city. The Kindred who had lived in Vancouver for any length of time supported him, agreeing to help him enforce his laws. Siegfried and the other elder vampires viewed Vancouver as something unique. They saw the city as a refuge from political infighting and intrigue and demanded this be maintained … somehow. To accomplish this, Siegfried first promulgated a set of harsh laws to protect the city. When the city officially became Camarilla these laws remained even as the Traditions were enforced:

1. No vampire will kill an inhabitant of the city. Kindred must leave their victims alive. They must only drain what is needed so that no suspicion will arise. As Vancouver has so few murders per year compared to any large American city, the Canadian police forces are quite efficient when it comes to dealing with murders. (The Mounties always get their man, after all). For that reason, the prince decided this law was needed to make sure there would be no risk to the Masquerade by some careless visitor. At the start, this was enforced with surprisingly harsh penalties. Vampires who broke this law were destroyed or forced to flee. Even today, this law is strictly enforced. The Final Death waits for those who disobey.

2. No one will incite the Garou. Even before the creation of the Covenant, it was strictly against the Prince’s Laws to attack or otherwise provoke the lupines. The Garou have a distinct numerical superiority over the Kindred.

3. No conflict between Kindred will be tolerated within city limits, nor will any feud be followed into Vancouver. The enforcement of this law led to something of a blood-bath. The anarchs fled the city and headed south to the contested city of Seattle. This law was imposed not only because Siegfried had no tolerance for the infighting of vampiric society, but also because both the prince and the powerful elders of Vancouver worried that if the lupines discovered some type of vampire conflict occurring in the city, the more violent factions of the werewolves might take the opportunity to attack the city (a sort of “together we stand, divided we fall” philosophy).

4. No Childer will be sired within Vancouver. Since it’s traditionally within the prince’s discretion to allow or forbid progeny to be created by others in his city, this law has stood the test of time quite well. Siegfried’s main reason for enforcing this law is to stop anambitious vampire and her “relatives” from forming a power bloc and thus threatening his absolute control of Vancouver.
These laws and the brutality with which they were enforced led to Vancouver becoming a rare city in vampiric society. Vancouver is ruled only by its prince. No help is need from the other clans, and there is no open help from elders or the Primogen. Siegfried’s rule does not have the consent of the Camarilla or the Sabbat. Vancouver is a city ruled by one vampire, independent ofall other power structures. Vancouver has prospered because of this political situation. as of 2000 there was the addition of a Primogen council but it has little actual power as the Prince’s power is absolute, Siegfried defeated the Kuei-jin attack and Stalest Coursain attempted Coup, further he help defeat a Red Talon attack of the Great Cairn keeping it for all tribes.

Prince's Laws

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