Stefan Ewald


In Homid form, Stefan Ewald looks something like a caricature of Thor, the god ofthunder from Norse mythology. Aged about 70, he stands 6’6", weighing about 245 pounds. The bulges of his muscles have bulges on them. He has curly red hair, which he keeps cropped close to his head so opponents won’t have anything to grab onto in a scrap and a bushy mustache. His gray eyes are as cold as glacial ice and are framed by a network offine wrinkles. (On anyone else they might be called “smile lines”, but Ewald doesn’t smile … ) His skin is generally pale, but his cheeks are florid, making him look as though he’s always suppressing a homicidal rage (which isn’t too far off the mark most of the time.) In Lupus form, Ewald is the archetypal Get: a huge gray Arctic wolf.


Ewald came to Canada from Denmark in the late 1960s, traveling with a family of Kinfolk. His wife, Nina, knows that “something’s strange” about her husband, but the Delirium has prevented her from figuring out just what it is. He has five children, ranging in age from the early teens to the late 20s. All his children are immune to the Delirium and accept their father’s true nature. They’re rather disappointed that they haven’t expressed the “Garou gene”. The Ewald family lives on a dairy farm in Aldergrove.

After his arrival in the Vancouver area, Stefan Ewald quickly climbed to the top of the Fimbulwinter Sept, defeating in personal combat anyone who stood between him and the position of leader. Since then, any Garou who have had the temerity to challenge his right to lead the sept have been broken. All that is missing now, in his view, is his tribe’s control of the caem, which hasn’t come in the more than 20 years of him leading the sept. Although somewhat erratic, Ewald is, overall, a good leader. Am ng his tribemates, some love him, some hate him, many fear him, but all respect him.

Stefan Ewald

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