Simon Lollen

Wandering Ancilla


Simon stands about 5’ 9", with well kept dirty blonde hair and striking blue eyes. He’s usually dressed in jeans and a trench coat or other long jacket. He usually conceals a large knife.


Simon Lollen always had everything he wanted. When he was a child, his rich parents bought him toys and hired the best tutors. As a young man, Simon went to the best schools. The big city was never friendly to Simon. Leaving his parents and their nearly inexhaustible wealth behind, Simon traveled the world alone. On his travels, Simon fell in love with a young woman named Illana, who became fascinated with this man who traveled the world without money or support. She rewarded his self-sufficiency by Embracing him.
Together Simon and his Sire traveled the wilderness regions of the world and eventually ended up on the west coast of North America. Simon discovered Siegfried and Julie Foster in the small town that would eventually become Vancouver. He was impressed with the Ventrue’s knowledge and raw charisma.
That was many years ago. Although both Illana and Simon still travel, they always seem to end up back in Vancouver. Simon was instrumental in the peace process which now holds between the Garou and Kindred. He is trusted by both Siegfried and key Garou, including William Abercorn and Roger Daly.

Simon Lollen

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