The Independent Prince of Vancouver


Siegfried is a tall muscular man with blond almost white, shoulder-length hair. He has piercing green eyes and never seems to smile. Siegfried usually dresses in a dark conservative suit occasionally he dressed in a Victorian style formal outfit, especially for court.


Many of the Ventrue clan openly denounce Siegfried, calling him a traitor to his clan and a threat to vampiric institutions which have existed unchallenged for millennia. Although the clan officially despises the Prince of Vancouver and minimizes his accomplishments, many ofthe most powerful of the Ventrue have invested considerable resources in the . Canadian city. Ventrue neonates who are aware of Vancouver are often told by other members of their clan about the powerful vampire who has forsaken his clan and lineage but has built the most wondrous safe haven in the world.

Siegfried controls much of Vancouver’s resources. Both The Vancouver Sun and The Province, the city’s two main newspapers, are owned by holding companies which in tum are ultimately owned by the prince. The province’s major television stations and many of the radio stations are also owned by Siegfried. When a Hunt is called against someone in Vancouver, the media will print or report a seemingly normal story which will be filled with code words understood by Siegfried’s brute squad. This will efficiently alert everyone who would participate in the Hunt.

British Columbia’s main source of revenue is from forestry products. Siegfried owns a company called Macmann and Blundel (M&B), the main forestry company of the province. As part of the negotiations for peace with the Garou, Siegfried promised not to log certain areas of the province. He ensured that those area that were logged and replanted as efficiently as possible. So far, Siegfried has kept his promise to the lupines, but recently there have been some problems.

Many of Vancouver’s night clubs are owned by vampires, though not necessarily by vampires who currently live in the city. This “absentee landlord” situation is another thing that distinguishes Vancouver from other cities frequented by the Kindred. The two main vampire clubs, Luv-A-Fair and Graceland, are owned by Siegfried and operated by his ghouls. The city’s vampires can come and go within these establishments. They can feed off the patrons as long as the city rule about not killing vessels is upheld.

Siegfried also has vast influence over the city police and the local government. Even the RCMP isn’t beyond the prince’s influence. If someone is disturbing the peace of the city, they might find themselves thrown in jail and left there until it’s dangerously close to sunrise. Control of the government and law enforcement agencies also ensures that Siegfried’s clubs aren’t bothered during the night. Business licenses for other elders who might want to invest in Vancouver can be provided or withheld depending on how the prince feels about the individual in question.

Absolute control over Vancouver is very important to the prince for a couple of very good reasons. If for some reason the prince were to be deposed, he’d have nowhere to run. The Garou watch the roads, marinas and airport with great vigilance. Most of the outlying districts, as well as towns in the interior of the province, are also firmly in the hands of the lupines. For these and other reasons, Siegfried struggles to maintain iron control over Vancouver and its surrounding suburbs.
On the surface, the prince appears to be ruling the city with an iron first.

Despite threats to his rule and the formal embracing of the Camarilla, Siegfried has remained in power. The first test was January 15th, 1998 when the Great Leap Outward when into full swing and a number of Kuei-Jin launched into a street war. Under the cover on increase in Triad violence, the Kuei-Jin moved to take out many of the known Kindred in Vancouver. Siegfried and his forces countered while also gaining help from the Bone-Gnawers and Glasswalkers, cut off Kuei-Jin forces and killed 80 percent of the forces. The result was by March 3rd, 1998, the push into Vancouver was halted and the Wu that remain, agreed to live under the rules and laws of the Prince. Since that time the Kuei-jin have respected the Neutral nature of Vancouver and occasionally use it to exchange information or items with various people and Supernaturals.

In May 4th, 1998, Stalest Coursain and her followers, thinking that Siegfried was weakened and enough time had passed launch a coup, attempting to kill the prince and his lover. A piece of the plan, was stumbled across by the Bone Gnawler Scotty Williamson, who brought it quickly to Siegfried. The information was enough to cause Siegfried to create an ambush that Stalest Coursain and her force walked right into. Stalest met her Final Death at Siegfried’s hands as did most of her followers. Scotty remains on the Prince’s payroll even now in thanks.

The last and perhaps greatest test was when a Group of Red Talons, Wendigo, and Uktena attempted enter the city and take the Great Caern and hold it by force on June 20th, 2003. the group were mostly radical Lupis in nature, while Siegfried could have just let the Garou solve the issue he gave intelligence to the leaders of the Local tribes and even in unexpected display of support even lent himself and several of his forces to the battle that raged on June 23rd, 2003. Order restored, the local Garou recognized the friendship involved Siegfried actions.


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