Roger Daly

The Returned


In his (vastly preferred) Homid form, Roger Daly appears to be in his late 50s or early 60s, an elegant-looking man of mid-height. His short, thinning hair is silver and always perfectly arranged. He wears gun metal-framed Dunhill glasses. This is more for show than anything, some observers note. He always wears perfectly tailored suits of British cut that cost as much as the average motorcycle. The cut of his suit jackets conceal the fact that he has surprisingly broad and powerful shoulders. His eyes are ice gray. They are the eyes of a hired killer, totally out of place in an almost cherubic face that reminds one of a kindly old uncle. He wears few accessories, limiting himself to a watch and two rings. They’re made of white gold, and are incredibly expensive. In his Lupus form, which he rarely assumes, he’s a silver-hackled black wolf with white markings that resemble glasses around his eyes.


Daly was bom and raised in the Shaugnessy region of Vancouver, the only child of an affluent family. His father, Graham Daly, was leader of the Vancouver Glass Walkers from the late 1940s to the early 1960s and a successful businessman. Roger’s mother knew her husband’s true nature. For some reason, she wasn’t subject to the Delirium. She suffered severely mixed emotions when it became apparent her only child would be a Garou like his father. Despite this, she dealt with her ambivalence suffiCiently to support Roger when he really needed it, both before and after his Rite of Passage. Both Roger’s parents died in the 1970s. His father was killed in a fight with an out-of-town vampire. The Kindred was later hunted down and extinguished by the other Kindred for breaking the Prince’s Laws. His mother was killed bya hit-andrun driver. This left Roger an estate worth several million dollars, easily enough to support him in comfort if he never worked another day in his life.
Roger Daly couldn’t operate that way. He had inherited more than the “Garou gene” from his father and acquired a fascination for the ways of human business. In the 1970s, he established Daly & Associates, a management consulting firm that he still runs [0 this day. The firm is staggeringly successful. Not only has it made Daly an exceptionally rich man, it’s also given him access to important business figures throughout the city, allowing him to influence business policy ina way that will most benefit Gaia and the Garou. Daly followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming leader of the Corporate Raiders Sept in the mid-80s.

Few individuals human, Garou or Kindred really know Roger Daly. Even those who understand his involvement in the signing ofthe Covenant can only guess at the man’s depths. Many of his junior septmates consider him to be a s[Olid, unimaginative, basically boring individual, but that’s not the case at all. Those who know him a little better realize he’s got a sharp sense ofhumor. There’s a pocket of sadness at the core of his being. It stems from the fact that he married a woman he dearly loved in the late 1970s who subsequently died in a plane crash. He hides this pain from everyone.

Daly also realizes that it is the job of the Glass Walkers (and the Bone Gnawers) to protect the city from invasion. Where the other tribes make sure nothing approaches the city from over land, the Glass Walkers stand guard at the airport and help watch the marinas.

Daly lives in a sprawling house in the British Properties overlooking the Lions Gate Bridge and drives a metallic charcoal 8-series BMW. Through several shell companies, he owns the Smiling Buddha, the location of the Glass Walkers’ caern.

He was gone from vancouver for a number of years many thought he was dead, some believe that he was and he has returned which makes them very uneasy. When the Diefenbakker’s Casino opened in Vancouver in 1996, a wolf pelt hung on display in the lobby of its connected hotel, the Timberwolf Lodge. One with markings around its eyes resembling a pair of glasses,the same markings that were seen around Daly’s eyes in his rarely-used lupus form. Weirder still the pelt still resides in the hotel.

Roger Daly

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