Victim of the Anarchs of Seattle


Rex is about 3’8" tall and is always dressed in some strange, mismatched mix of clothing. He’s almost always grinning and has a wild look in his amber eyes.


Rex was an unfortunate bystander in the ongoing conflict in Seattle. Just recently released from a mental institution, Rex was captured by some vampires who needed someone to use as a tool in some mysterious plan. These Kindred Embraced Rex and sent him off on some mission. Fortunately for him, perhaps, he doesn’t remember much about his Embrace, and he has forgotten everything about his mission. All he really recalls of this time was being saved by the “cloaked demons” in the forest outside of Vancouver. These “cloaked demons” were the Nosferatu. They found Rex and have “adopted” him into their clan. Although he’s quite a nuisance, Rex is left alone by the other vampires as he walks through Vancouver. He’s known to have the support of the Nosferatu.


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