Ranma Saotome

Newly settled Mageling


Ramna is a young Japanese man in early Twenties. He tends to wear black or dark blue. His outfits consist of Black Jeans and number of Shirts. His favourite are Black Shirt Happens t-shirt, Black T-shirt Shorei-kan karate, navy Blue t-shirt with Red Dragon. A blue Golf shirt with Vancouver Canucks logo, A black dress French cuffed shirt. and silk navy blue dress shirt with French cuffs. he normally wears a trench coat over everything with a lot of pocket both in side and out side. He wears a number of Cuff links to link his French cuff shirts kanji for Dragons, the 75th Anniversary of the Canadian Air Force, and one of the mon of Saotome. He also wears his high school class ring, and his York University bachelors of Arts ring. He often sports a necklace with kanji for Dragon. He normally wears either Black Combat Boots or Black Cowboy Boots.


Ranma is the Child of Genma and Noriko Saotome. both of which moved to Canada in the late sixties. Ranma was born 10:59 P.M. June 06/ 1976 in Vancouver General Hospital. Ranma spend a number of years in Vancouver where he developed a taste for Hockey and CFL Football. Ranma’s curiosity sometimes would get him in trouble in school since he wanted to know about everything. Ranma also had a great respect for the natural world. He was often teased about his talking to trees and stones. the Pulse of life is strong with Ranma. Ranma began to take Shorei-kan Karate at the age of five but over the years Ranma has developed a form of karate that mixes a number of maneuvers from other styles and shoreikan karate to create Saotome style Karate of which he is the only master right now. When he was ten his family moved to Toronto, into the neighborhood of Rosedale. Ranma continued his martial arts training. When he entered Junior High School Ranma came to the attention of Arial Holstien, a sorcerer with links to the Verbena, who also happened to be Ranma’s English teacher. Arial observed that Ranma for a year in which she determined that his potential for power was far greater than her own. She talked to Decon Smith, a well know Verbena in Toronto into talking with Ranma. Decon concluded that Ranma could become a mage and decided to see if he could awaken him, surprisingly to Decon mealy talking with Ranma was enough, the Ease that Ranma awakened was interesting to Decon. Decon taught Ranma the basics of Verbena lore and mage lore. While Ranma has continued his studies in magik he has also remained decated to history and currently in employed as a T.A. at the University of Toronto. Decon has disappeared as of late and several people have come asking Ranma where he is. Ranma has no ideawhere he might be and is a little concerned with Decon’s disappearance. Ranma is aware of other Supernatural in Toronto but really has no links with them, however in theory it is likely that he might be able to locate a Garou or two through his connections with Verbena. in 2008 Ranma moved back to Vancouver.

Personality: Ranma is a very fun-loving man, who is sarcastic and witty. He lives by the code of Bushido but interjects a lot more humour and compassion into it. He is completely unconcerned with enlightenment, figuring that he been to serous in his lives before. Ranma believes in a mix of Wicca, Bhinto, and Buddhism that at times make his view on the world wacky. He a simple man that is not overly concerned with technology. He does see technology as separate from the technocracy.

Ranma Saotome

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