Olga Norquist


In her Homid form, Olga Norquist is a large, powerful woman appearing to be in her late 40s. Actually, she’s two decade older than she looks. She stands about six feet tall and weighs close to 180 pounds, she still is very good shape for her age. Olga has long, straight blonde with grey hair that she usually ties back in
a rough ponytail. Her face has an austere, Nordic beauty to it. When she smiles (which is very rare) she’s incredibly attractive. Olga is very intimidating to the average human male, largely because she could break the average man in two. That doesn’t worry her. She considers human males to be weak and unworthy, preferring to seek sexual partners from among the wolves who still prowl the forests of British Columbia.


Olga was born to a rich family living in the British Properties of West Vancouver. She Firsted early, scaring the living hell out of her parents. When the members ofher tribe “extracted” her from her home, her parents spent hundreds of thousands of dollars try ing to track the “crim ina Is” who had kidnapped their daughter. In the intervening years, Olga has never returned home, nor has she told her parents that she’s still alive. Her mother died several years ago, but her fatherstill continues his fruitless search. It’s a telling comment on Olga that her father’s grief apparently means nothing to her.

How she became the leader of the Furies contingent of the Sept of the Great Caem is something of a mystery to her, as well as to others. Olga is not the most powerful ofthe Black Furies, but she is possibly the most passionate. That passion is what has given her power. Unlike the younger lupines of her tribe, Olga and some of the elder Furies see the wisdom of the Compact and strive to maintain it. Recently, there have been rumors that one of the Furies is going to challenge her for leadership over this issue. Whether or not this is true has yet to be seen. She has after all defeated more than couple challanges in her time.

Olga Norquist

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