Montgomery Abercom II

The Young leader of Vancouver's Silver Fangs


Montgomery is a handsome young man with a upper class walk. He favors expensive suits of European cut, and a Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41 by Rolex as his signature piece of jewlery. He drives a Jaguar XJR LWB in British Racing Green. He currently


Montgomery is the son of his father second wife and the grandson of Montgomery Abercom the former leader of The Forest Ghost Sept. Suprising many Montgomery was elected to the head of the Forest Ghost sept after his grandfathers death. Montgomery has a couple of older advisors but much of the sept is pretty young compared to most of the vancouver septs. He currently going to working on his masters in business Adminstration at Sauder School of Business in UBC. Mongomery knows he has big shoes to fill and it can take some time for him to make decisions because he like to make sure he understand all of the options being presented. That he a passionate leaders and leads from the front. He also dislikes the divide between hte two main factions of the Garou as he sees it as a weakness the Wyrn will explote. He wants to very much bridge the devide, his own sept is divided on his stance, some reconize his point.

Montgomery Abercom II

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