The "Moderate"


In her Lupus form, Looksfar is a large wolf with hair that would, on a human, be called auburn. Like most of her kind, she has prominent claws and teeth. The muscles around her jaws are overJeveloped. She takes Homid form only when she absolutely has to, appearing as a large, almost hulking auburn-haired female with a perpetual scowl. No matter what form she takes, her movements seem to communicate a sense of barely repressed energy and fury.


Despite her appearance, Looksfar, the leader of the Battle Snarl Sept, is surprisingly contemplative. She doesn’t automatically dismiss the ideas ofthe Children o fGaia and the Glass Walkers. Compromise with the humans, rather than a futile war, actually might make some sense. She disagrees with the terms of the compromise. This makes her a surprisingly rational voice on the Council of Representatives. There are several members ofher tribe who are horrified by her philosophical approach, but though they may mutter and whine in private, none has had the courage to complain to Looksfar’s face or challenge her for leadership. They know all too well that their leader’s contemplative, patient outlook can tum into wild rage at a moment’s notice. Looksfar’s anger is often quick to pass, but it is so intense that few Garou want to be anywhere nearby when she’s aroused. Of course, an eventual challenge is inevitable. A change in leadership would possibly represent a drastic change in the Talons’ activity on the Council. That change hasn’t happened in 20 years, it would be even more radical now than in years past.


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