Jim George


J im George will almost always be encountered in his Homid form. He’s a tall, commanding figure, standing 6’3" and weighing 230 pounds. There isn’t an ounce offat on his broadshouldered frame. His muscles are well developed. His face is broad, with a wide nose, widely set dark eyes, and black hair which he ties back in a shoulder length braid. He’s in his early 50s.


Jim was born and raised on the Musqueam reservation, where he still lives. His family was considered weird in the extreme. His father, John George, was already in his sixties when Jim was born. John George lived alone, and was considered something of a nutcase because he claimed he was the last in a long line of shamans who could call “the spirit ofthe wolf”. As far as the other residents ofthe reservation were concerned, John George had no contact with women and no long-term relationships since he was in his 40s. It came as a shock when John George walked around the reservation proudly introducing his neighbors to his new son … The child, Jim, was the result of a liaison between John George and a Garou woman, who returned when the child was born to “foster” him with his father. John George lived long enough to see his child enter school, but no longer. Jim was raised cooperatively by multiple families.
The younger George was always treated with respect, but also with suspicion. This was largely because of his strange arrival on the reservation, and also partially because of his father. Who knows, maybe the old man was a shaman … When Jim started claiming spirits were talking to him from the trees and the river and the land, his foster parents were almost convinced that he had inherited his old man’s madness. In any case, Jim continued to get weirder and weirder until he was about 15. Then he just disappeared one night, and the reservation was sure he was gone forever. Maybe, they thought, he had drowned in the Fraser, or was wandering drunk through the alleys of downtown Vancouver. He returned unharmed but somehow changed a month or so later. Everyone treated him with more respect than ever before, but also began to fear him as well.

Jim George considers himself part oftwo threatened societies with duties to both. The two worlds are parallel, but also distinct. He became the youngest leader in the Chupkheem Sept’s history, and leads the Garou honorably and well. He is also their representative on the Council. He serves the Musqueam reservation by working with the tribal chieftains to press his people’s land claims with the provincial government. (It’s this work that’s forced him to learn about the law and about computers.) He has several Kinfolk among wolves of the North Shore mountains. Jim now waits for the day when he will be too old to lead the Wendigo, or until another more suited to the task will come along. It is then that Jim will head north in search of the now hidden powers in the ancient forests which were once teeming with his tribe.

Jim George

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