Leader of the Bone Gnawers


Actually in his mid-60s, Isaac looks more than a decade older, worn down by the weight ofthe world. He’s a tall man with broad shoulders, but his stooped posture conceals his true size. His thinning, gray hair is usually matted with substances it’s best not to think about, and his more salt-than-pepper beard looks as though it could support a sizable population of rodents. He dresses in whatever he can find discarded in garbage cans. Isaac will be wearing a different outfit every time he’s seen. It might be a tattered suit, or a naval greatcoat or just five or six T-shirts and a pair ofragged jeans. All inall, he looks like hell and smells worse.


Isaac was literally born on the street. Forty years ago, a cop found a squea ling baby a handful ofdays old in a dumpster in the East End. Nobody was ever able to identify its mother. Today, Isaac disdains the use ofany last name, since it would be a lie. He spent his youth being shuttled from foster home to orphanage to foster home. He was a violent, angry child given to fits of almost homicidal rage. His stay at one foster home ended when, at the age of five, he slashed his “mother’s” arm with a kitchen knife when she tried to discipline him.

Isaac’s Firsting came early. Through some kind of miscommunication, the Kin Fetch assigned to him missed the event. The Delirium took effect immediately, and his foster parents at the time interpreted his actions as just another one of his temper tantrums. (They conveniently overlooked the fact that he had shapeshifted into a half-man/half-beast.) They called the police, and Isaac was whisked off again to juvenile hall. The “extraction” team of Bone Gnawers eventually rescued him from that location.

Despite a severe lack of education and an upbringing traumatic enough to run just about anyone into a self absorbed emotional cripple, Isaac turned out to be highly intelligent and perceptive. Although at first he fought against his indoctrination into the ways of the Garou, he eventually understood what his Inceptors were trying to teach him. He learned what his heritage truly meant. It was then that he turned, seemingly overnight, from an incarnation of anger to a thoughtful, introspective potential leader.

Most of the time, he lives up to that potential, but sometimes his introspective nature must give way to rage. Rage is still atlsaac’s core, as it is at the core ofall Garou. While it takes a lot to goad him to anger these days, Isaac is a manifestation of an old truism: “Beware the fury of a patient man.”

Isaac won his position several years ago as leader of the Underdogs Sept of the local Bone Gnawers. He didn’t achieve this by challenge and personal combat, but by simply proving thathe was the best for the job. In fact, Isaac never sought the position, but when something needed to be done, Isaac was always at the forefront of doing it. That was enough to convince his tribemates that he should lead them and represent them on the council. There are some hints that Isaac is tiring ofhis responsibility.


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