Gangrel Elder


lIlana is a small and beautiful dark-skinned woman with brown hair and gray eyes. In the city, she’ll be dressed in fine clothes. In the wilderness, she’ll shed her clothes until she’s wearing almost nothing.


Illana was surprised to find out about the existence of werewolves, and quickly sought them out while still a young vampire. After a couple of close calls, she befriended the Garou and found she preferred their company to that of the Kindred. For centuries now, she has traveled the world, spending her time with lupines rather than vampires and only going to the city for blood.
Illana found Simon in a small town in Southern Italy and was impressed by his love for the wilderness. She allowed him to travel with her for some time before she blessed him with the curse of immortality. Since then, he’s been her constant traveling companion and her only real link to the vampire community.
Since she chose Vancouver as her base of operations, she’s made contact with certain younger Garou. She finds them less conservative, and thus more interesting, than the traditionalist elders. Her contacts are largely among the more “enlightened” tribes, such as the Glass Walkers and the Children of Gaia.


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