Derek Hillen

Leader of the Pack - Gangrel Primogen


Derek spends most of his time prowling on the outskirts of Vancouver and the suburbs and dresses accordingly. He stands just under six feet tall and has very short brown hair and several scars across his very square face. His eyes shine with an almost crazy gleam that hints at insanity. The large bowie knife he carries makes most Kindred uneasy.


Derek Hillen always wanted to be important. Since he came to Vancouver, he got his wish . Derek traveled from city to city, helping the Kindred do battle against their enemies, the Garou. Hearing that the “untamed west” was a vast wilderness teeming with lupines, he traveled to California to do battle. Eventually, Derek wandered north and was recruited by Siegfried, a vampire of incredible charisma, to help protect a “city under siege”. That was many years ago, and now Derek is the leader of the Vancouver Gangrel (nicknamed the Pack) and only answers to Siegfried.

Derek Hillen

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