Daphne Shetfield

Socialite and Toreador Primogen


Daphne is an incredibly beautiful woman, always dressed in the latest fashions. She has long blond hair and hazel eyes which seem to soothe the vety soul.


Daphne has always been rich, spoiled and vain. She has never had to really work, and on those occasions when she felt like doing something productive, daddy arranged it so she modeled for those new fashion magazines. Being made a vampire was an obvious extension ofher glamorous life. (The way she sees it, it benefits the mortals around her as well, since they can continue to bask in her beauty for eternity…).

Like many Toreador, Daphne is famous, or perhaps notorious, for her spectacularly elaborate parties. She uses her guest list as a weapon.

She’s constantly talking about the changes she would make if she were to become ruler of the city.

Daphne Shetfield

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