Scourge of Vancouver


Standing about six feet tall, Cecil has long greasy hair and almost always wears a pair of sunglasses. His wellmuscled arms and body are covered by tattoos of all sorts, but are usually concealed by a black leather jacket covered with chains and sruds.


Cecil was one of those people who others thought would eventually die from a knife in the back. He was born in Chicago, and he ran with whatever gang was the meanest. While trying to dodge the law in Canada, he tried to mug an old man for drug money. To his surprise, the old man happened to be a vampire, who in tum was surprised by the viciousness of the young mortal. The old man quickly Embraced Cecil. For the next three years, the two of them raised merry hell across the northern states until they were confronted by a group of vampires in New York.
The old vampire was killed in the fight, but Cecil managed to escape and fled to Vancouver. He traded safety for his service to Siegfried, and found himself liking the role of an enforcer. He Currently is the Scourge of Vancouver and is under the command of Parker. There is some friction between to the two vampires but generally it works. Many Vampire believe that Cecil is a Brujah based on his behavior.


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