Brendan Dooley

Lovable "Irish" Uncle


In his Homid form, Brendan Dooley is a tall, very thin man with long arms and legs. His fingers are very slender, but he has a vise-like grip. His has short, thinning hair is a very light ginger, almost blond. His skin is pale, and he has bright, piercing green eyes. He’s in his mid-60s. There’s something about his gaze that communicates a strong hint of the explosive temper bottled up within him. He speaks with a thick Irish brogue. In Lupus form, he’s a lean, hungry-looking beast with a ruddy pelt more reminiscent of a fox than a wolf, and his intense green eyes are still notable.


Few people, even among the Seanachie Sept, know much about Dooley’s background. This is typical of Brendan’s approach to others. He’s a glib speaker, when he’s in the mood, and can captivate listeners for hours with his tales, but he never reveals much about himself. All that’s widely known is that Dooley came to Vancouver from the East Coast of the U.S. maybe Boston, maybe somewhere else about 10 years ago. General consensus is that he followed one or more Kinfolk to the West Coast, but nobody knows who his Kin are. It is known for sure is that despite his strong Irish accent, Brendan Dooley has never set foot on the Emerald Isle. This leads his detractors to suggest that he fakes the accent, claiming that he learned it from bad movies to give himself an air of distiction. Considering his temper when he’s sober, this is probably a very good thing people haven’t seen him drunk.. He’s very intelligent, a fact he sometimes seems to enjoy concealing, but perhaps not very observant. He tends to “filter” his perceptions through his preconceptions.
In Homid and Lupus form, Dooley is something of a ladies’ man, racking up many conquests of both species. Although he has many offspring, none of them has yet been identified as Garou.

Brendan Dooley

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