Nosferatu Primogen


Like all the Nosferatu in the Gastown underground, Alberich is uncommonly clean (for a Nosferatu) and will usually be dressed in a suit with a large sword hanging from his belt.


Alberich was once a great soldier for the Holy Roman Empire, fighting against the enemies of Maximilian I. Alberich’s transformation from warrior to drunkard came after the news that his wife and only son had died of some strange blood disease while he was fighting against the French. Seeing the tragedy ofa town hero turned to town fool was too much for the Nosferatu who had taken Alberich’s wife and son, so he Embraced Alberich. Upon learning the truth about his loved ones’ deaths, Alberich slew his sire and fled. Eventually he came to North America and sought the ardor of a new cause to erase his loneliness and pain.

There is something with in Vancouver that has eased his pain. Since the Camerilla manged to get Vancouver into their orginization, he also served as Nosferatu Primogen.


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