Sheriff of Vancouver


Parker is a tall man with brown hair and brown eyes. He usually wears biker leathers, but grudgingly dons a suit whenever he’s performing an official duty for the prince.


Before becoming a vampire, Parker was a bouncer at one of early Vancouver’s drinking establishments. I t happened to be owned by Siegfried. Being a bouncer suited Parker’s violent nature, and working for mysterious employers wasn’t something he minded in the least. After all, he’d worked for rum-runners in the past.
Parker’s only friend was a fellow employee of the prince named Bruce Courter. As far as Parker knew, Bruce was hired muscle. When Parker was bored of being a simple doorman, he asked his friend to talk to their employer for him. Parker made a career move, since that time he been one of the Princes Muscle and since the agreement with the Camarilla, the Sheriff of the City.


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