Nelson Chang


In his Homid form, Nelson Chang is a small asian man (about 5’ 6"). His black hair is straight and usually cropped close to his head. It’s hard to judge his age. He could be anywhere from his mid-20s to perhaps 50. In his Lupus form, which he prefers, he is a large, silver-hackled timber wolf. He is a figure of rage and terror, yet in his heart, he is a spirit of calm and understanding.


Nelson was born and raised in Vancouver, part ofa large family where strict discipline was balanced with a healthy measure oflove. From his earliest childhood, Nelson and his family assumed he would become a doctor, a lawyer or some other paragon ofcareer tracking. As he entered his teens, however, urges that sprung up within him changed the course of his life. While most of the people he grew up with saw and regretted the damage that humanity was doing to the planet, Nelson felt the damage to Gaia as a blight on his own soul. How could he pursue his own goals, he found himself wondering, when the world was turning into a toilet around him? It took several vituperative conversations with his family, but he finally convinced them that he should pursue a career in the environmental sciences. As a prelude to this, he left home at 16 to attend an Outward Bound program in the mountains to the north of the city.
It was then that Nelson’s Kin came to him, whisking him out of his tent one night while the other participants in the program slept unaware. They kept him with them for almost a month, during which time they indoctrinated him into the Ways and put him through his Rite ofPassage. When this was complete, they asked him how he wanted to handle the matter of his old life. Nelson decided that he had to re-establish contact with his parents.

During the past month, his parents had been absolutely frantic (as had the organizers of the Outward Bound program, visualizing lawsuits). When Nelson returned from the wilderness, unharmed and more at peace with himself than anyone had ever seen him, they were too busy welcoming him home to press him on the matter of where he had been. When they got around to the issue later, he explained about the epiphany he had undergone in the wilderness … without mentioning a word about the Garou, of course.

Now, decades later, Nelson remains in contact with his aging parents. He lives alone in a small house near Lions Bay, where he writes articles for various environmental magazines, submitting them by modem. He was chosen Arm of the Goddess by his sept. He now tries to raise the voice of compromise on the council and keep the Compact alive. His tendency to carefully analyze every side of every issue often makes him appear vacillating, or even weak, to less patient Garou. Even among hi sown tribe, he sometimes is thought to take this too far.

Nelson Chang

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