Welcome to Vancouver By Night: Dark Alliance

Vancouver is the sparkling jewel of the Pacific Rim, is a city of many exotic tastes and where the Kindred and Garou have long since created a peace it sits on an odd border for the Camarilla The Werewolves in the north, the Anarchs in the south, the Kuei-jin in the east. Siegfried has been prince of the city since it was founded. He survived several attempts to take the city and has done the next to impossible and created an alliance between the Kindred and Garou with in the city. For more than a Hundred years he held the city as an Independent city. Since a deal struck in 2000, Vancouver is officially a Camarilla city but is still ruthlessly ruled by Siegfried as neutral ground. The carefully peace within the city requires such a balance.

Forces outside have always wanted to topple the master creation of Seigfried’s will. Will the newest coterie of the city, be protectors of the city or its downfall.

Vancouver By Night: Dark Alliance